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Peuker (pron. Pewker) & Alexander is a family owned business which has been supplying the building industry for over 70 years. Our head office is located in Campbellfield and we manufacture quality roof trusses and wall frames at both of our Campbellfield and Dandenong sites. 

We also supply bulk timber from our Campbellfield warehouse and we deliver across all of Melbourne and outlying areas.

Roof Truss Division of PEUKER & ALEXANDER

We manufacture quality roof truss, wallframe and posi-strut systems at our Campbellfield and Dandenong sites using cutting edge technology.

Our machinery includes some of the most up to date of its type. Manufacturing is digitally generated while production is monitored in ‘real time’. As a result we can ensure accurate lead times and reliable deliveries.

Timber Division of PEUKER & ALEXANDER

We stock large volumes of framing timbers and sheet materials to suit our clients’ requirements. Our staff have vast experience within the timber industry and are committed to supplying the right products at competitive prices as efficiently as possible.

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